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St. Michaels-Cellar

The Michaeliskeller is a charming little historic vaulted cellar that is only accessible from the outside via our terrace.
Due to the special location and the associated increased staffing costs, we charge a minimum turnover of € 200.00 here. This amount denotes the turnover you must achieve in total for a reservation of a maximum of four people. This amount includes all food and drinks consumed during your stay. If you do not reach this amount with your normal food and drink consumption, the minimum turnover of € 200.00 will still be charged.
A reservation of the Michaeliskeller is possible for a maximum of four guests. Please note that the Michaeliskeller is not heated. In bad weather and cold temperatures, we will move your reservation indoors to our restaurant. Of course, there is no minimum charge here.
We will gladly reserve the Michaeliskeller for you and look forward to your reservation.